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self-portrait using the Nikon F3 35mm film SLR camera

Apple AirPods and Lamy Safari fountain pen on a desk

The other day at work I was using my Apple AirPods and noticed that they looked nice beside my Lamy Safari fountain pen.

process photo showing the construction of a pocket notebook

I have a lot of hobbies/interests (fountain pens, photography, making things, etc.) and a lot of these interests came together for my last project: making a custom notebook.

Light table showing 35mm film

I dusted off the light box and film scanner today. I really enjoy film photography and it was fun to take a new look at photos that I took last summer with my Nikon F3.

iPhone screen showing the text Voldemort transforming into He Who Must Not Be Named

I know I’m probably not using this iOS feature as intended, but I’m OK with that.

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