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Braun, Apple, Lamy

The other day at work I was using my Apple AirPods and noticed that they looked nice beside my Lamy Safari fountain pen.

Apple AirPods and Lamy Safari fountain pen on a desk

The fact that my Lamy Safari and Apple AirPods are the same color helps the two products look good together, but there are a few other similarities that I noticed:

  • Glossy finish
  • Dark rounded rectangles (ink window versus speaker design)
  • Metal accents

Open Apple AirPods case and Lamy Safari fountain pen on a desk

The more I thought about the Apple AirPods and Lamy Safari fountain pen, it reminded me of Braun design (back when Braun design was interesting). This isn’t too shocking as a lot of Apple’s designs have to be inspired by Braun (if they aren’t, I’d be shocked).

I flipped through my Braun: Fifty Years of Design and Innovation book and found a photo of electric shavers from the 1960s. I know it isn’t an exact match, but I feel there are some similarities between the Apple AirPods case and the Braun electric shavers.

Braun book showing various Braun electric shavers



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