andsplat, a blog by Ben W. Fey


& (/and/): an ongoing conversation

* (/splat/): about anything

The logo

The logo (&*) was a happy keyboard mistake. I was trying to type an ampersand (&) between two words and accidentally also hit the asterisk (*) key. I really like the look of the ampersand and liked the asterisk beside it. I began to think about &* and found that it worked well as a concept for this website.

The ampersand

The ampersand is a way to show that this website is only part of the conversation. There are ideas, concepts, questions that happen before and after the posts on this blog. This is the middle of the conversation.

The asterisk

The asterisk can be considered a wildcard character or variable. As I mentioned earlier, I am inspired by many things and the asterisk (being a variable) allows me to talk about several different topics on the same website.

The site

This site is using a custom theme that I am designing and building (present tense because I will probably always be redesigning something), is powered by Jekyll, and hosted using GitHub Pages. You can find this site's repository on GitHub.